T 12/1 – Ryksuga fyrir þurrt

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Standard equipped with a high effective fleece filter bag which allows an up to three times higher filter bag volume in contrast to a paper filter bag. This is a benefit that pays for itself since the operating periods between filter bag changes are longer. The T 12/1 motor performance, air flow and the 6-stage filter system (incl. microfilter as special option) have been designed in such a way that there is hardly any loss of suction power. Its low centre of gravity provides stability. The power cable can be wind up in between the cable storage or onto a pull-out cable hook as a fast storage when often changing the location, e.g. cleaning objects in hotels, ect. Special feature: the floor tool plugs into the accessory holder (on backside of the unit) and can be used as a complete accessory fixation after work. The suction hose on the unit has a simple but effective plug-in clip system. You push the hose on to the unit’s intake stub, a resilient ring engages – that’s all. This system ensures that the suction hose does not become detached when the unit is pulled along behind the user. The new clip system (change without tools) on the bend allows an easy extension of the suction hose of additional 2,5 m (extra extension suction hose – part number: 6.906-237.0) for e.g. cleaning steps, stairways, etc. With the power brush ESB 28 (additional accessory) the T 12/1 converts into a brush-type vacuum cleaner. In cases where the hygienic standards are particularly stringent, a HEPA filter which retains very fine particles (99.95% retention rate) can be fitted (instead the standard air exhaust filter) in addition to the paper filter bag.

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Tæknilegar upplýsingar
Loftflæði l/s 61
Sogkraftur mbar 244
Orkunotkun W 1150
Tankur l 12
Lengd á snúru m 12
Þyngd Kg 6,6
Stærð mm 410 x 315 x 340

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