PS 30 – Stéttarbursti

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Technical data

Weight (kg) 0,9
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 1,2
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 744 x 293 x 769

8.990 kr.


The PS 30 power scrubber provides outstanding cleaning results on various surfaces. This is ensured by three high-pressure nozzles, which loosen even stubborn dirt. This makes the PS 30 the ideal aid for reliably cleaning small to medium-sized areas, such as stairs and edges. The brush head can be rotated 360° to clean hard-to-reach areas. All smooth surfaces can be squeegeed with the integrated dirt blade after cleaning. This removes excess dirty water quickly and makes the surfaces ready to use again straight away. This combination of high-pressure jet and manual brush pressure, with the resulting cleaning performance, outperforms all standard scrubbers and can be combined with all Kärcher class K 2 to K 7 pressure washers.


 PS 30 power scrubber surface cleaner: Three integrated high-pressure nozzles

Three integrated high-pressure nozzles

Powerful cleaning using high pressure for outstanding results.

 PS 30 power scrubber surface cleaner: Integrated exchangeable squeegee blade

Integrated exchangeable squeegee blade

Quick removal of dirty water with the replaceable squeegee blade.

 PS 30 power scrubber surface cleaner: Brush head which can be rotated 360°

Brush head which can be rotated 360°

Makes even hard-to-reach areas easy to access.

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