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If you aren’t sure how an air compressor can help you, then keep reading this article to learn everything you need to know about an air compressor. Nowadays more homeowners are taking ownership of their home to-do lists than ever. These tools do what few others can, powering countless pieces of equipment and operations with their high-pressure outputs. They exist across industries and perform specialized tasks. Ronix RC-2510 Air Compressor can store pressurized air in its 25L tanks and deliver 200L/min compressed air for a range of tasks. The compressor will stop when it reaches the cut-out pressure and will start again when the pressure drops back to the cut-in pressure. To find out more, scroll down.

-25 Liter tank combined with a 2HP motor provides plenty of power to cover a wide variety of applications
-8 bar maximum pressure stores sufficient air in the tank for continuous tool operation
-The light weight and compact design plus two wheels make it highly portable and remarkably easy to use
-Able to fill the air tank at the minimum time
-Equipped with two flow regulator and two quick couplers to maximize air tool performance
-Metal air filter results in better performance and higher efficiency
-Multipurpose machine which is great for different jobsites and workshops. Suitable for fastening, nailing, bolting, painting etc.
-Thermal protector system controls the temperature of the motor during longtime working
-Lever type on-off automatic switch for more efficiency and longer lifetime
-Equipped with a safety valve

Ronix RC-2510 Air Compressor has a large 25L tank with the maximum pressure of 8Bar/116psi and 2HP motor attached. Air is kept compressed in the tank. Ronix RC-2510 is equipped with a safety valve. Ronix-RC 2510 operates at approximately 2800 RPM, so its tank can be filled with air at the minimum time. Ronix RC-2510 is one of the handiest tools, its light weight, and the design of two wheels makes this tool easy to move. Ronix RC-2510 has a metal air-filter that protects the compressor from any dust and dirt; an air compressor with a dirty filter will reduce the output capacity. A thermal protection system is designed to quickly respond to the heat and control the temperature.
Ronix RC-2510 with its flow regulator and two quick couplers reduce and increase the airflow that is coming out of the air compressor tank and maximize air tool’s performance.
This tool weighs 23kg, it has 57.5cm in length, 25cm in width, 60cm in height.
There is a lever-type on and off automatic switch for the tool which is designed for more efficiency and longer lifetime. The compressor needs oil to run properly; Ronix RC-2510 Air Compressor includes an oil bottle; in case your tool needs lubrication.

Ronix RC-2510 works seamlessly to deliver highly pressurized, high-energy compressed air for a range of job tasks or functions. Yet what you can use this air compressor for, may ultimately surprise you. These surprising uses for compressed air can be found in different jobs such as painting, stapling, nailing, wood working, etc

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