FC 5 – Skúringarvél fyrir heimili

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Hard floor cleaning without dragging around a bucket and no scrubbing? No problem for the Kärcher FC 5: It removes dust, small crumbs and pet hair and even wipes the floor at the same time – right up to the edge. The rotating rollers are permanently wetted with fresh water, while the collected dirt is transported to the waste water tank. This leaves hard floors of all kinds (tiles, parquet, laminate, PVC and vinyl) 20 per cent cleaner than a conventional mop* and they can be walked on again after approximately two minutes. Another practical feature: The rollers are machine-washable at 60 °C. Kärcher offers a wide range of detergents and different rollers for special floors (e.g. sealed wood, oiled/waxed wood, stone, etc.). After use, the FC 5 can be thoroughly cleaned with the self-cleaning function.

In the box: FC 5 machine with cord, 1 black plastic stand, 2 universal rolls, 1 bottle of universal soap, 1 test bottle of soap (30 ml).

54.500 kr.


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Ryksugu og skúringarvél sem auðveldar hreingerninguna.

Tæknilegar upplýsingar
Snúningshraði rpm 500
Orkunotkun W 460
Tankur f. hreint vatn ml 400
Tankur f. skítugt vatn ml 200
Vinnslubreidd mm 300
Þyngd Kg 4,6
Stærð mm 320 x 270 x 1220
Skúringavél, standur, gular rúllur, gráar rúllur, 0,5L alhliðasápa, 30ml stein og flísasápa.

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  1. Laura

    It is a good machine, does most of that it say on the description, with the exception of removing dry milk stains for some reason, or dry food (it does remove it eventually but you can be much faster with a brush).
    Bad points: if the water recipient is full up to the max sign, it does not work. It needs to be lower than that sign otherwise no water goes to he brushes.
    Also it is not easy to attach the plastic cover near the brushes. It took me a few tries to understand how I am supposed to put it on. Also, if that cover is not put correctly the machine does not work properly ( the water does not reach the brush).
    Overall I am satisfied with the product.