Borvél Batterí Brushless 20V

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Behold. Another member of one to run all family is in the market with amazing features. 8900K is powered by a strong brushless motor. This powerful brushless motor creates 25500 of impact rate which is enough to demolish and drill in any material. Ergonomic and compact design of the body and the handles makes it suitable for all kind of hammer drilling operations. Amazing 0-450 RPM and 0-1700 RPM is what this beast gives you to tackle your tasks.

Super power hammer drill with 3 functions: Drilling, Screwing and hammer drilling
-High-performance brushless, waterproof motor ensures maximum long life
-Light-weight ergonomic small body design with considerable power
-21+3 clutch settings enable efficient and accurate screwing and reduce fastener damage
-45Nm maximum torque delivers great power and outstanding performance
-2 speed functions competent for both high-speed and high-power applications
-Metal gear box enables heavy-duty application and longer life-time
-High resistance, anti-shock body designed with ergonomic rubber grip
-Battery charging indicator lets you know the battery level fast and easy
-Fast charging system in charger provides optimum performance

Detailed Description:

Ronix 8900K Cordless Keyless Hammer Drill 20V/BMC Ronix 8900K Cordless Keyless Hammer Drill 20V/BMC Ronix 8900K Cordless Keyless One of the most functional hammer drills on the market, featuring a 13mm chuck size. A strong brushless motor generates 25500 of impact rate, sufficient to destroy and drill through any material. It is appropriate for all types of hammer drilling operations due to the ergonomic and compact design of the body and handles. This amazing tool delivers you amazing 0-450 RPM and 0-1700 RPM to handle your jobs.

Motor & Mechanism:

Because hammer drilling is all about power, the motor is the most critical component. 8900K requires a brushless motor to convert 20 volts of electric power to 25500 IPM of impact rate in order to create 0-450 and 0-1700 RPM no-load rotation speeds. This Brushless model has an electronic circuit board and a sensor that performs the same duties as the small metal brushes seen in other cordless hammer drills. This has a number of advantages in terms of performance, dependability, and durability. This high-capacity, weatherproof brushless motor provides a long service life. Crankshafts in motors provide huge amounts of energy to the bit holder. The 21+3 clutch settings allow for speedy and precise screwing while also reducing fastener damage. The highest torque of 45Nm provides excellent power and performance.

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