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SC 4 Hvít – Gufuhreinsitæki EasyFix

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Non-stop steam thanks to two-tank system

The SC 4 EasyFix Premium is the mid-range model in the comprehensive range of Kärcher steam cleaners. Cleaning is possible without interruption thanks to a two-tank system. From tiles and joints to windows and frames: Thanks to the extensive range of accessories the steam cleaner can cope with every cleaning task.

With the two-tank system the SC 4 EasyFix Premium is particularly suitable for cleaning large areas without interruption. In the case of conventional steam cleaners, the water is poured directly into the boiler but you have to wait until the pressure has dropped again in order to refill. Things are different with the SC 4 EasyFix Premium from Kärcher: Water can be added continuously here via the additional tank (capacity 0.8 l). The user simply removes it for this and fills it comfortably at the tap.

The steam boiler reaches the working pressure of 3.5 bar again after four minutes. The hot, powerful steam loosens dirt even from microscopic small pores without any chemicals. A scientific study confirms that Kärcher steam cleaners eliminate 99.99 %[1] of all common household bacteria on common household hard surfaces with the floor nozzle.

The appliance is compactly designed and complies with high safety standards. The steam gun can be locked with a child safety lock. The amount of steam can be regulated on the gun itself during work.

The extensive range of accessories makes the SC 4 EasyFix Premium an all-round talent for many cleaning tasks: For example, wash basins, glass ceramic hobs and windows are cleaned with the hand nozzle, corners and joints with the detail nozzle. The EasyFix floor nozzle is used for tiles, linoleum or other hard floor coverings. The steam remains under the nozzle for a long time due to the lamella technology and can take effect intensively on the area to be cleaned. The microfibre cloth attached with Velcro absorbs the loosened dirt. A label on the long side of the cloth makes it possible to change using your foot without coming into direct contact with the dirt. The accessories have a fixed place on the appliance for storage and are therefore always nearby. If the steam cleaner is not being used, the cable can be stowed away in a compartment on the casing.

In the scope of delivery of the SC 4 EasyFix Premium Iron version a steam pressure iron is also included that flattens even several layers of fabric by ironing in one go due to the high pressure. You therefore only need half the time compared with simple steam ironing.

[1]When thoroughly cleaned with a Kärcher steam cleaner, 99.99% of all common household bacteria will be killed on common household hard surfaces.

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